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DIfferent by Design

Brenda realizes that every home-buying experience is different. She prides herself on the ability to cater to every type of property search. The way she may approach an investor looking for their second income property. To a first time buyers family looking to buy into todays ever changing real estate market. Her dedication to service, genuine compassion, and attention to detail remain her top priorities for every client. With 18+ years experience in the San Gabriel Valley, Orange & Riverside/San Bernadino Counties.
Brenda possess unmatched knowledge of multiple marketplaces. Most agents focus on one area or at best a few. From day one Brenda has dedicated herself to understanding ALL local markets within 100 miles of Glendora California. This has provides her clients more knowledge, a competitve edge and in the end the comfort that Brenda Jonker is the right Realtor/Investment Specialist you can count on. Guidance, Experience and Commitment you can always count on.  

As a member of the REALTORS

Most of the clients of REALTORS® are referred to them, as you may have been referred to Brenda J. Jonker. REALTORS® are referred through past clients who were impressed and satisfied with their services, because REALTORS® are trustworthy and diligent. Referral is the most common way new clients find a REALTOR® and it is likely that Brenda Jonker is no exception.

REALTORS® are some of the most highly regarded professionals in real estate. This is because REALTORS® have a commitment to fair treatment to all parties involved in real estate, including you. You could be if you are selling a home, buying a home, or even just curious about the market. REALTORS® have a commitment to serve you with diligence in whatever your real estate dealings are.

Brenda will guide you through the maze of home buying, investment purchasing, or selling one of your most valuable assets.  Her goal is to keep you comfortable, happy and in control of your purchase or sale. 


Brenda Jonker wins when in a multiple offer situation 9 times out of 10. Many of her referrals like yourself have once started somewhere else and ended up with Brenda due to her Individual  -Personal - Plan- of -Action, years of experience and knowledge of what lending banks are looking for to accept your individual offer (s).  Stop losing bids and start winning and making money today!  

SELLERS MARKET Standard Sale or Short Selling

Listing with Brenda Jonker at Keller Williams Realty is a receipt for success. Her experience in many changed markets along with several years as a Sales Management is important. Although her Unparallel Exposure to 100's of search engines to The Best Local, National and International markets around at no cost to you is were the fun of listing with Brenda begins. Your competition is High with many factors working aganist you in todays market. Its no longer that simple paced, easy to sell on your own market any longer. The paperwork alone, new years law changes and sue happy unsuspecting buyers are on the rise. Brenda protects your contract, helps you control the outcome and brings your home to a SOLD in record time.
SHORT SELLING:  allow Brenda to save your credit, place money in your pocket,  instead of just giving your home away and helping you re-invest in 24 months with her speciality services working on bringing you back to the market in record time.  If know someone that needs Brenda's help. Send them her way and she will do her very best to help you in some small or big way.

 I appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. It will be my pleasure to meet with you and get your process started right away.    CALL ME 24/7 626 786 3300 I look forward to speaking with you soon.